In his new video entitled “Will,” Joyner Lucas pays homage to Will Smith. The Massachusetts rapper is currently gearing up to release his new forthcoming debut album ADHD.

In the video for “Will,” Lucas recreates Smith’s iconic television and movie roles starting with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. “I’m feeling like Will / I think I’m a prince / I’m feeling myself,” raps Lucas on “Will.”

Lucas dressed as Smith’s Bad Boys character Mike Lowrey as well as Smith’s characters from other movies, including Men In BlackAladdin, The Pursuit of Happyness, I Am Legend and Concussion. 

WOW!!! That's Crazy! #Humbled @joynerlucas

2.5m Likes, 29.1k Comments - Will Smith (@willsmith) on Instagram: "WOW!!! That's Crazy! #Humbled @joynerlucas"

Smith noticed Lucas’ video on Instagram and took to the social media platform to acknowledge Lucas and say that he was “humbled” by the video.

“Joyner Lucas, yo, that joint is crazy! Dude, I am humbled and honored. One of the lines you say in there, you inspire people and you don’t even know it,” Smith said.

“It has been my intention from day one to just go into the world and put out positive energy and to be able to use my creation to inspire, elevate, and inspire. I just love what you’ve done. It’s creative. Brother, again, I’m humbled and I’d love to meet you one day.” Check out the video below.

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