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The tell tale sign of how bad a situation is lies with Waffle House. The breakfast chain which is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year is notorious for remaining open during hurricanes and other weather related events when everything around them is closed. They even have menus speficially for the complications that come with open during those events such as a no power or no water menu. But Waffle House announced today they are temporarily closing 365 locations however the other 1,627 locations are open for now.

Waffle House had previously announced that all locations were open and serving to-go orders in compliance with the current regulations.

According to their website most local locations remain open except Independence Blvd in Indian Trail, Concord Parkway in Concord, Catawba Ave in Cornelius, and Cherryville Highway in Dallas.

Use their website to check and see if the location near you is open.

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