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The restaurant industry is one of many industries that have been hit hard during the efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve seen many restuarants move to take out and gift card options as way to keep some revenue coming in.

One local restaurant came up with another creative idea to help support their staff during this time. A representative for 5 Church told Beasley Media Group:

“We are also helping staff relief by selling private at home dinners by Chef Jamie, dinner experiences at 5Church by Chef Jamie, and signed wine bottles by Chef Jamie. Lastly there is an option for open donations.
We will use 100% of money raised to help our staff during these challenging times. No donation is too small. Thank you all for your support during this time.”

5 Church’s chef, Jamie Lynch was recently featured on Top Chef Allstars and has consistantly won many top chef awards in Charlotte over the past several years.

Click here to  make a donation, purchase signed items, or book a private dinner and visit their website to learn more about Jamie.


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