Coronavirus Information Report

Are you already running out of content to watch while social distancing? Probably not yet, but you will… Eventually, you’ll find yourself scrolling up and down menus having the thought ‘there’s nothing good to watch.’

When you do fall into your show-hole, you could fire up a movie you’ve already seen 100 times, or you could try another one of these activities that don’t involve you slowly fusing to your couch.

  • Puzzles And Crosswords. Everyone knows at least one person who is a puzzle fanatic. Why not try to figure out why they’re addicted to the jigsaw life. A great puzzle could keep you occupied during breaks and a sense of accomplishment once you complete it. If wordplay is more your game, may I recommend Googling “free crossword puzzles.”
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt. Board games can get competitive and you’re probably too big for hiding and seek. Why not convince your roomies or significant others to try and solve your elaborate scavenger hunt. It might be a little tough to hide things since you’re all trapped in the house together… But blindfolds are easy to make.
  • Virtual Book Club. Have your video chats with your friends started to get stale? Maybe it’s time to bring some homework into your life. Start a video book club in your free time and then use your FaceTime to discuss things. You could also make it a digital happy hour at the same time with a little wine thrown in the mix.

There’s more to life than what’s on Netflix! There’s Hulu, Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+… oh and plenty more non-subscription based activities to try HERE.

Source: People