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Last week I went on the air and said I wanted to help but didn’t know-how. As a 28 year old female there’s only so much I can do to save the world, but I want to. One suggestion that a listener gave was writing cards to send to the men and women quarantined alone inside of nursing homes. Just like that, I was sold. Earlier this year one of my grandmothers passed away and my other grandmother is inside of a nursing home, currently on quarantine which means no visitors are allowed in.

My grandmother loves when she gets visitors, it’s something that I know she looks forward to and I’m sure just about everyone in there feels the same. SO. That’s how Operation Kid’s Care started. Not only is it a great way to bring joy to the people inside of nursing homes, but with school out… it’s also a great way to give your kids something to do!

SO… help us help our community. Get your kids to write a card to someone inside of a nursing home, and send it to us!

Our address is:

The MRL Morning Show

1520 South Blvd

Suite 300

Charlotte, NC 28203