Coronavirus Information Report

QUINCY, IL - FEBRUARY 17: Veterans gather for a game of cards at the Quincy Veterans Home February 17, 2005 in Quincy, Illinois. The Quincy Veterans Home with its 683 beds is the largest and oldest of four veteran's nursing homes in Illinois. The federal budget, as currently proposed by the Bush administration, seeks to reduce the number of residents nationwide in these facilities from 38,000 to 33,000. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

During this time, life, as we know it, has seemed to change in one form or the other. Even if you have not lost your job, a lot of people have. Even if you haven’t skipped any meals, a lot of people have. It’s hard to think about every possible situation of where people might be affected by this but one that hits close to home is those affected in nursing homes.

My grandmother is in a nursing home, and I know she loves getting visitors and being able to leave to go do things with my dad and my uncle. So this uncertain time is definitely taking a toll on those in nursing homes.

A North Carolina woman, Carly Boyd, got engaged over the weekend and those close to her probably knew within a day or two. Everyone but her grandfather, who is currently in quarantine inside of a nursing home, where they are not allowing visitors due to the possible spread of the Coronavirus. That didn’t stop her from wanting to share the news with this important person though. Boyd made her way to *outside of* the nursing home and finally got the chance to share the exciting news with her grandfather.

A bittersweet moment. ???? A woman in North Carolina gave her grandpa the best surprise by sharing her engagement news through the window of his nursing home. (????: Premiere Living & Rehab Center/ Carly Boyd)

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