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Yesterday was my husband’s birthday and although it obviously comes at an inconvenient time with Coronavirus consuming our lives, I still wanted it to be special for him. So, our Aupair Elena and I decided to bake him his favorite raspberry red velvet cake.

We used 2 boxes of store-bought dry batter and added raspberry flavoring to create our three 9 inch layers. After the patties were baked and completely cool, the real fun began. I saw a cake design on Pinterest that I wanted to recreate with ombre sides and since this was my first go-round with cake decorating I wasn’t sure how it would go.

The ombre itself was easy enough! We colored our white cream cheese icing into 3 colors. Maroon, orange, and white were the pantones for our Virginia Tech Hokie inspired cake. We used icing bags with tips to layer the icing as evenly as possible before using and icing scraper to level the sides and the top. Then I solicited Elena’s neat handwriting to write “Happy Birthday Dal” on top. To finish everything off we used the remaining icing to create designs around the top and bottom of the cake to frame the wording, using the icing bags and tips.

All and all, not bad for our first homemade cake! At this rate, I’ll be a pro by the time quarantine is over!