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Fun Being Alone

For many of us, social distancing can be very hard. I’m someone who spends most of my days around people, so being alone at home for a prolonged, and undisclosed amount of time is pretty scary. If you’ve been feeling lonely at home, then why not offer up your home to a shelter dog in need for the time being?

Charlotte Animal Care and Control is offering staycations for all of their shelter dogs!

Basically, a staycation is a break for all the shelter dogs from their kennels. It also helps them learn how these dogs will be in a home environment so they can find better homes.

Here’s how it works: 

Stop by Charlotte Animal Care and Control, look at their dogs,  take a picture of the kennel card of the dog you wish to take, show staff your picture and your ID, sign a waiver, and take them home. Then on the 5th day, bring the dog back, OR bring them with you to complete the adoption if you choose to keep them!

I love this idea! Check out more, CLICK HERE