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There is a need to help our furry friends find loving homes in Charlotte and surrounding areas. MRL is looking for partners to support this mission. MRL will be hosting a kick-off party on March 23rd, 2020 (National Puppy Day) in the studio. Our goal is to introduce the dogs that need homes to our listeners and direct them to our rescue partner.

After the kick-off date on National Puppy Day, we will continue the mission through November and dedicate one day per month, (the 3rd Monday of the Month) to host the puppies in the studio. You may be wondering how will our listeners SEE the puppies through the radio? Thank goodness for the digital age, we will set up puppy cams in the studio that our listeners can see on socials and our website. MRL is truly dedicated to saving our community dogs’ lives by executing this program and creating the awareness that this issue needs so desperately! Check out our eight available pups below.

MRL Rescue Mission Pup #1

Captain Catches

Adoptable Captain is really good at catching food. Today on #CaptainCatches, he eats potato chips for #PotatoChipDay

MRL Rescue Mission Pup #2

Adopt Giselle Charlotte NC

Likes car rides Minds her manners Enjoys cuddling Leash trained Knows sit Sweet, friendly, interested Good with kids 1 year Spayed 40 lbs A1164536

MRL Rescue Mission Pup #3

Adopt Magic Charlotte NC

8 years Neutered 43 lbs A1030587 Cannot be around kids

MRL Rescue Mission Pup #4

MRL Rescue Mission Pup #5

Adopt Dottie Charlotte NC

2 years Spayed 64 lbs A1163436

MRL Rescue Mission Pup #6

Adopt Bugsy Charlotte NC

3 years Neutered A1157120

MRL Rescue Mission Pup #7

Adopt Snoop Charlotte NC

8 years Neutered 50 lbs A1163796

MRL Rescue Mission Pup #8

Adopt Sampson Charlotte NC

1 year Neutered 30 lbs A1165317

MRL Rescue Mission Pup #9

Adopt Eddie Charlotte NC

Neutered 2 years 53 lbs A1165504

Visit the CMPD Animal Care & Control Adoption Center to meet your future furry family members.  The process is easy.  You can visit our website at to view adoptable animals ahead of time, come to the shelter, meet and greet the adoptable animals, fall madly in love with one (or two) complete the adoption paperwork, and take your new pet to their forever home. CMPD Animal Care & Control is conveniently open 7 days a week for adoptions.  Monday – Friday 11AM-7PM & Sat/Sun 11AM – 5PM. 

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