If you’re like me a love to shop then the news of stores closing and having to stay at home as much as possible is a real downer.

As the days go on I feel like more and more store will be temporarily shutting the doors as we wait for Coronavirus mania to calm down. But if you need that shopping fix one local boutique has come up with a way to help. Vestique’s East Blvd location announced on instagram their curbside shopping, where you can call the store to place an order and they will bring your purchase out to your car.

They took to instagram with the following message: “COVID-19 UPDATES
— Now offering curbside pickup!!! Here’s how:
1. Call us at 704-910-6426 to purchase an item over the phone that you’ve seen on IG, the website, etc.
2. Tell us what car you’ll be driving when you pick up the order.
3. Call when you’re pulling up + we’ll bring your order out to you!
More about COVID-19
We’re here for our customers we have implemented intentional safety measures to ensure that all Vestique stores will be a safe space for our shoppers during this time. Al locations will continue our normal hours and welcome you to spend your week with us. We’ll continue to provide you with content, clothing & exceptional customer service. ✌???? in addition, all online orders are now eligible for free standard shipping until further notice. If you’d prefer to shop from the comfort of your home, we’ll handle the cost of shipping ”

People are understandably hesitant to go out and grocery stores have been using online curbside pickup for a while now, hopefully more retailers will adopt this to help keep their doors open and money flowing in during this difficult time for business.


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