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Coronavirus Information Report

I’m all about giving my immune system a boost, especially with all the Coronavirus craziness! So besides echinacea and oil of oregano here’s a list of some foods to help you fight off those pesky germs.

  • Garlic – Stimulate white blood cells and other immune cells to fight viruses and infections by eating garlic, and for the biggest boost try it raw and finely minced in dressings or dips like hummus.
  • Mushrooms – Selenium and B vitamins in this help boost your immune system.
  • Oysters – They contain more zinc than any other food and it has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Kefir – This cultured, fermented drink is packed with probiotics, which help lower infection rates and support immune system health.
  • Sunflower seeds – Full of vitamin E, this helps boost immunity.
  • Guava – This tropical fruit has 350% more vitamin C than an orange, and it’s loaded with vitamin A, lycopene, fiber, and vitamin K, too.
  • Yogurt – It’s also a great source of probiotics to protect your immune system.
  • Asparagus – This tasty veggie is prebiotic, which is the food needed for probiotics in the gut to survive.
  • Lentils – Quick and easy to cook, this legume is chock-full of zinc, iron, and folate.

Source: She Knows