Starbucks Newsroom

We have all been to Starbucks at some point in our life, with a customer in front of us ordering a drink, but seemingly changing all of the ingredients. “Yes, I will have a venti, double pump, upside down, cooled macchiato with goat milk, round ice cubs, and low-fat steam.”

Now obviously this is a bit of an exaggeration, but I have been there enough times and heard people order things that I didn’t even know existed. Then, one fine day, I made a shocking discovery.

Apparently, there is a “secret menu” at Starbucks with drinks that are nowhere to be found on any of the menus. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been going to the queen of coffee for years, ordering off of the classic menu like some kind of rookie.

I did some research and found this elite “secret menu” online. Going through the list I could understand why some of these drinks were not mainstream items, like the Skittles Frappuccino, or the Cotton Candy Frappuccino. Those sound horrendous.

I was shocked at how many secret drinks were on this list. I kept scrolling and then one drink stopped me dead in my scroll: the Twix Frappuccino. You’ve got to be kidding me? My favorite chocolate candy of all time mixed with a Frappuccino.

First of all: how have I not heard about this drink before today? Secondly, why is this not on the main menu? I would order one of every single day. Now apparently, they are not actually blending a Twix candy bar into the drink, but the collection of hazelnut syrup, java chips and caramel that gives the drink that classic taste. The only other thing they need to add to make it official is little graham cracker crumbs on top.

My life has been completely turned upside, and it is all thanks to the Starbucks’ “secret menu” and the Twix Frappuccino. Now, it’s time to head to Starbucks and put the rumors to the test. You can check out the full list of secret menu items here.