Coronavirus Information Report

Coronavirus is causing havoc around the world. Numerous places around the globe are facing a shortage of surgical masks. Some men in Japan have come up with an alternative and I’m not sure if it’s brilliant or just weird and creepy. 

Japan has had to improvise in order to protect themselves. So many men have taken to wearing women’s panties over their faces instead of a mask. Yup. Dudes are walking around with women’s underpants on their faces.

Even though the official stance of the World Health Organization (WHO) is that wearing a mask doesn’t really do much for you unless you’re taking care of somebody who might have the infection, some men in Japan are walking around with women’s thongs on their faces. I’ll give them this: they’re festive and colorful. It doesn’t look like they will really help as they aren’t tight on the face, but it makes for an interesting visual.

Keep in mind that the Philippines government suggested wearing diapers, bras, or underwear if citizens couldn’t procure an N95 face mask last January when the Mount Taal volcano erupted and ash was spread into the air. So maybe it’s not that crazy of an idea after all.

Check out some videos below. At this point, I guess NOTHING is gonna seem too outta control.

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