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Media screenings for movies are always fun to attend and I try to go whenever I can. This week, I was invited to pre-screen “The Hunt”. I hadn’t heard a lot about this movie so I walked into the preview with little expectation.

If you like gorry slasher movies with a little twist you’ll probably be into this one. It’s the perfect marriage of The Purge and Hunger Games. It provides an interesting political plot between “liberal” and “conservative” Americans (btw I hate those terms).

After a text message goes public between an unlikely group of friends, all hell breaks loose in their professional lives and they seek revenge by kidnapping online hates and releasing them on a manor only to hunt them down one by one. To keep things interesting and “fair” the abducted flock is given weapons as well. The only piece to this puzzle that I failed to understand was why one of the characters (Athena) targeted another (Snowball) so personally. This lack of information weakened the storyline for me slightly. However, even though this isn’t my favorite genre of film, I didn’t hate it.

Like I said earlier if you don’t mind a gorefest you should give this one a try. “The Hunt” debuts in theatres this Friday, March 13.