Coronavirus Information Report

WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 14: The words "In God We Trust" are seen on U.S. currency October 14, 2004 in Washington, DC. Although the U.S. constitution prohibits an official state religion, references to God appear on American money, the U.S. Congress starts its daily session with a prayer, and the same U.S. Supreme Court that has consistently struck down organized prayer in public schools as unconstitutional opens its public sessions by asking for the blessings of God. The Supreme Court will soon use cases from Kentucky and Texas to consider the constitutionality of Ten Commandments displays on government property, addressing a church-state issue that has ignited controversy around the country. (Photo Illustration by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Are y’all sitting down for this one? The Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission says not so fast to Charlotte’s most infamous televangelist.

Bakker’s show reportedly is selling a product called “Silver Solution” and the pitch to cure the virus (are you ready for this) is reportedly misleading viewers! Sounds familiar huh?

The FDA and FTC said the claims made on his show about a possible cure violated federal law. For more on this story, click here.