ATLANTA, GEORGIA - FEBRUARY 27: (L-R) Matt Barnett, Amber Pike, Cameron Hamilton, Lauren Speed, Giannina Gibelli, Damian Powers, and Kelly Chase attend Netflix's Love is Blind VIP viewing party at City Winery on February 27, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Netflix)

Okay guys, if you’re like me then this show completely caught you off guard. I finally got tired of seeing all of my friends post about it, so I deep dived into it and watched the entire first season + the reunion special within a weekend. What can I say? I take marathons very seriously. I’ll get more to my opinions on the show later… but first… what you came here for…

Some of the fan favorites were on The Ellen Show yesterday. Including… Damian & G, Cameron & Lauren (the real favs), and Barnett & Amber.

Ellen played never have I ever with them and it was honestly the perfect game choice. Some of my favorite confessions were:

  • Amber & Barnett revealed that they had public sex after the wedding – at their wedding venue
  • Barnett gave Amber a lap dance at their wedding…in front of both of their grandmothers (& judging by the way Barnett’s family was when they met Amber…I can almost guarantee they had to look away)
  • Damien revealed that he ended up on the show after getting catfished by a casting producer!

You can watch the whole game here:

Now as far as my opinion on the show goes…

I GET IT. I understand the experiment, but I just don’t know how realistic it is. I do think as a society we have become so completely shallow when it comes to looks, income, race, etc. I think the basis of this show is great because you fall for someone based on their soul, which is the deepest connection. BUT. Personally speaking…I don’t know if I could become “physically” attracted to someone who I don’t find physically attractive? I think the perfect “forever” exists because of a perfect combination. It is that soul connection but it’s also that physical attraction. On the show you noticed how well everybody was doing with their significant others until the real world set in. All in all…I do think we need to stop focusing on our “types” and start focusing on what really matters: who someone is as a human.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk 😉