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Being pregnant myself, I know having a supportive partner is always good, but when you’re dealing with something intense and need some extra TLC, it’s even better. A woman recently posted about her thoughtful husband on Reddit and the way he’s helping her manage her postpartum anxiety and depression when he’s not there.

Reddit user shared the loving note her hubby left for her when he can’t be there in person to remind her of these things. It reads “Feeling down?” and then lists reminders, including that she’s “loved by your husband and 2 perfect babies” and “when you’re feeling sad, that feeling will pass, even if it doesn’t seem so.”

He also reminds her to take care of herself by going outside, eating, doing deep breathing and remembering she’s human and allowed to feel sad.

The mom writes that he made this for her to help with panic attacks and that she’s “unbelievably lucky to have him.” Lots of Reddit users commented how amazing he is and some pointed out that she’s pretty great, too, for showing her appreciation for him.

I hope every woman having a baby, has someone like this in their life.