sad young adult holding rose and a sign that says "just dumped" as a break up concept

If you’ve ever had a breakup sneak up on you, you know that it’s easy to miss the signs that your boo is dissatisfied with your relationships. If you’re overdue for a check-in with your love connection, here’s the signs Relationship experts say you should look for to tell if your lover is hiding being unhappy.

  • They’re always negative.
  • Flirting with others. It’s time to get concerned if you partner has all of a sudden become a big flirt. Family therapist Cloe Madanes says this is a sign they’re looking for closeness outside of you.
  • They never get personal.
  • They stop being appreciative.

If one or more of these hit home, it’s probably best to check out all the signs your partner is secretly unhappy HERE and get ready to have a really awkward, but important, chat.

Source: Espresso