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Coronavirus Information Report

Last week, the first North Carolina case of coronavirus was confirmed. That number keeps rising as several more cases have been confirmed in NC. COVID-19 is now in and around North Carolina. So the question is…what is Charlotte doing to prepare for it? As of right now, there are no cases in Charlotte.

Charlotte leaders have spoken out about how they’re making plans should the virus impact the Queen city. There are efforts reportedly in play to protect city employees and the public. The city is following guidelines from the CDC and Prevention, increasing how often city-operated buildings are cleaned and checked to make sure bathroom cleaning supplies are always stocked

CATS (bus system)

Officials have put a “contamination protocol” into play. They’ve upped the amount of bleach they use and just like the airport, they’ve upped their cleaning procedures to make sure everything stays clean at all times.

Charlotte Douglas Airport 

They have upped their cleaning procedures and make sure everything stays clean at all times.

Business Travel

All nonessential business travel will be suspended for city employees until further notice.

Remember…stay calm, and wash your hands (not just now)!