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This is something I’ve been working on personally, so coming across this article was a great reminder for me.

March is Sleep Awareness Month and publisher Penguin Random House wants us to pick up a book before bed. Their new #ReadToSleep campaign says pre-bedtime reading can help improve sleep quality, which can reduce stress hormones, boost mood, and enhance cognitive skills. The blue light from phones and TV can mess with our sleep, but books don’t have that problem.

I’m currently reading The Tattooist of Auschwitz and I’m almost done with it, next up on my list is The Power of Now and the goal for 2020 is to re-read and finish the Harry Potter series.

So my challenge for you is to #ReadToSleep ! As someone who is a big supporter of mental health, this definitely helps me and I think it’s worth the try for you too! #ReadToSleep & tweet me what you’re reading! We can hold each other accountable. @_nicoleweaver on Twitter & IG!