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All last week LauRen has been out because she was in Barcelona celebrating her babymoon with her husband! While she was gone, we continued playing CBL with listeners! On Monday, Wesley played and won, so we brought her back to play on Tuesday. Well, she kept winning. In fact..she won all week! So we had her on this morning to play the pop princess herself. We don’t call her the pop princess for anything though, she maintained her title and secured her 70th win! LauRen defeated Wesley 5-4

Here are today’s questions:

  1. THIS virus has reportedly gotten in the way of Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom’s wedding. Coronavirus


  1. Meghan & Harry reunited with the Queen over the weekend. What is the Queen’s first name? Elizabeth


  1. Rumors are spreading that Travis Scott has gotten back together with the mother of his daughter, which is who? Kylie Jenner


  1. The Weeknd debuted a new song over the weekend on SNL. True or false: The Weeknd is from Canada? True


  1. Grey’s Anatomy fans aren’t happy with Alex Karev’s send-ff. Ellen Pompeo, however, thought it was the best possible send-off. He was on the show for 16 seasons on what network? ABC