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After having last year’s Dancing With The Stars Charlotte winner on our Mommyhood2Menopause podcast, I am excited to head to the 2020 competition tonight. Myself and Barb (my Mommyhood2Menopause co-host) are going to watch the fundraising event this evening at the Knights Theatre at 7:30pm.

Now the event itself is sold out but the participates have raised over $800k for the Pink House Charlotte! Carolina Breast Friends helps put on this spectacular event and from what I hear everyone in attendance dresses to the nines.

Being six months pregnant, I have found I need to plan out my wardrobe ahead of time since not everything looks great on me and cocktail dresses are one of those pieces. Here’s what I chose to wear to tonight’s event.

It’s a coral, one (flowy) sleeve, Cupcakes and Cashmere cocktail dress that I rented from an online closet subscription!

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