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This story comes straight from Country 1037’s Captian Jim and I love it! I check mine and sadly I got $0. But Captain collected a total of $135.61 that he didn’t know was even out there!

Is the state holding your unclaimed money? I’m not sure where my wife heard about it, but a few months ago, she searched for unclaimed property on a state-sponsored website. I thought it was a bogus phishing scam, but I was wrong. Her search turned up about $35 that she was owed from an insurance rate adjustment several years ago. Then she checked my name.

It took several weeks, but I got an email from the state treasurer’s office saying I was due $0.05 and $0.29 refunds from Allstate Insurance, $4.34 from Mecklenburg County, and $130.93 from a previous employer in 1997. Total: $135.61.

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-Captain Jim 

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