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Standing where Camden Rd and Tremont Ave meet you will find this great view of Uptown.


The one word that can bring you back down to reality so quick. The one word that makes you exit out of your online shopping cart and the one word that makes you do a bunch of math in your head to make sure you have enough money for that payment that never goes away.

A large chunk of American’s paychecks goes to rent. And did you know that more households were headed by renters in 2017 than at any point since 1965? In Charlotte…it seems like renting is only getting bigger. But how much bigger? SmartAsset used their income tax calculator to determine take-home pay for local workers and then crunched the numbers to find the hours of work needed to pay rent in the 25 largest cities. Charlotte is on that list! The findings are pretty intense though. Some big-city residents need to work almostĀ double the weekly average to pay the median monthly rent.

To see the hours of work needed to cover monthly rent in Charlotte, check out the table below:


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Source: SmartAsset