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News broke yesterday that Cam Newton will likely start next season for our Carolina Panthers. This despite a lot of talk about how new coach Matt Ruhl might want to move on from QB1. Ruhl announced yesterday that he won’t trade the QB or release him until he’s 100% and he can see him in action. Cam’s therapy is going well a source told me. Better than expected at this point.

I’ve heard a lot of backlash from friends and listeners who say the Panthers will still move on from Cam. My response is where are they going to get another QB who’s 30 and as good as Cam? And what team wants to trade for Cam at this point? We haven’t seen him throw a ball or move around in months, no teams going to take that risk.  Also I heard from a good source that David Tepper really appreciates Cam’s work in the community and the fanbase!

I’m looking forward to cheering Cam and the Panthers on in September.