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LauRen has gotten herself up to 67 wins!

  1. Looks like we will have another year with our QB1, what’s his name? Cam Newton



  1. It’s The Bachelor’s Fantasy Suites week and let’s just say it’s been memorable. What network do we watch this on? ABC



  1. This American Idol winner from the first season ever will return as the Billboard Music Award Host. Who is that? Kelly Clarkson



  1. There have been many reports about a wedding date change in Katy Perry’s wedding but she shot down all those rumors saying she got engaged on February 14 of last year & has had a date secured since the 19th of last year. Who is she engaged to? Orlando Bloom



  1. This Jonas Brother who is on this season of The Voice teased a new Jonas Brothers album. Which Jo-Bro are we talking about? Nick