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Remember how thrilling jumping in a bounce house was as a kid? Well, the childhood experience we loved is still around and The Big Bounce America has taken the inflatable fun to the extreme. They are taking the Guinness World Record-certified World’s Biggest Bounce House on tour and your eight-year-old self would flip over it.

The Big Bounce America is made up of four different sections: a space-themed structure, a sports arena, an obstacle course, and the biggest bounce house itself. It’s got activities and challenges, like basketball hoops, inflatable chill out areas, like oversized sofas, along with slides, ball pits, and more. Both kids and adults are allowed inside all the structures and the sessions are divided into age groups, so you don’t have to worry about tiny tots getting trampled by teenagers or grown-ups.

Tickets for three-hour sessions range from $17 for toddlers to $35 for anyone over 16. And if you want to go in with your kids but not bounce, you get in for free. The U.S. tour started this week and has dates scheduled through July. Charlotte has been announced as one of the planned stops, but no date has been scheduled yet.

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