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If you’re fortunate to not have to work the day after Thanksgiving (or after any other night of heavy drinking), just lounge in bed or on the couch and sleep/rest it off.  The human body has the ability to heal itself when it’s at rest.  #Science

Everyone has to deal with a crisis in our lives, but who helps us makes all the difference. I recently saw a tweet from my producer, Nicole, that made me concerned:

I hate to hear that my friend hit the bottom again. She’s such a bright, amazing person, and I only want the best for her. Sometimes I feel like I can’t help or if I do try, I’m doing it all wrong. I wanted to not fix her issues, but just know that I’m here for her. So I googled and found these ways to help a friend:

  • Offer to hang out
  • Be there and listen
  • Save advice for later
  • Validate their feelings
  • Run errands for them
  • Ask how you can help
  • Keep checking in
  • Ask open ended questions

Source: Bustle