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This is great! Finally, scientists have gotten together and tried to do some real good in the world. They’ve used they’re big brains to tackle one of the biggest questions facing us today: Are beer goggles legit?
Researchers got 80 college students drunk and asked them to perform simple tasks on a computer. While they were doing the assignment, they were also shown pictures of human faces and try to ignore them.

The results? Turns out drunk, or sober, people get really distracted when they’re presented with a pretty face. However, the drunk students were also super rattled by the less attractive faces as well.

  • How does this relate to beer goggles? Basically, it proves that our standards do drop once booze gets introduced into our system. And it doesn’t take much. The students in the study were only “mildly intoxicated” and it still made them lose their judgment like a college freshman.
  • Do what you will with the information that beer goggles are in fact real. Apologies to everyone that just realized that anyone that has hooked up with them after a night at the bar probably wouldn’t have found them so hot in the light of the day.

Source: The Guardian