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How much money do we have sitting on gift cards in our wallet, purse, or that junk drawer at home?

According to a new survey, Americans currently have more than $20 billion in unused cards or rewards. Half of us admitted to having unredeemed gift cards or credits, a quarter of us say we’ve lost a gift card, and another 25% have let one expire.

Turns out Millennials are the biggest offenders when it comes to plastic money. The survey found 55% of us have a credit or gift card we haven’t used. Maybe if we all combine all of our partially used Visa Gift Cards we can buy our way out of student loan debt!

  • You can basically skip giving your well off friends, family, and coworkers gift cards during the holidays. A hardy 32% of people who make more than $80,000 said they’ve let a card or credit go to waste. Guess it really was only that thought that counted.

Source: Click2Houston