I promised myself that I’d explore the Queen City more in 2020 because I’ve lived here for over a year now and still don’t know where anything is. I went on a walk the other day on the Rail Trail in South End and as I was coming up on Sycamore Brewing I noticed this strange fixture in front of the brewery on the trail, but there wasn’t just one…there were about 8 of them.

So I kept walking to see what it was, then I realized it was an outline of a person but in 8 different positions all the way down.

Not really knowing why it was there, I kept walking and forgot about it. After about 10 mins of walking, I see another one! I started googling what it could be and I finally found an answer. The pop-up displays are part of a year-long initiative called, “I Heart Rail Trail”. You can see the interactive light installations until February 29, but we can expect more events along the Rail Trail in the coming months. Here are the four locations where the light installations are:

1.) Start at the “Sonic Forest” next to the 1100 South Apartments across from Carson Street Station.

2.) Next up is “Passage,” a spiral tunnel of lights and sounds you can walk through. It’s located next to Post South End Apartments bear Bland Street.

3.) Then walk on to “Echo” a smaller display near Dilworth Artisan Station.

4.) Last stop is “Run Beyond” at Sycamore Brewing. Enjoy the figures run and jump while you enjoy a beer (these are the figures I saw).