NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 08: Girl Scouts sell cookies as a winter storm moves in on February 8, 2013 in New York City. The scouts did brisk business, setting up shop in locations around Midtown Manhattan on National Girl Scout Cookie Day. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

I may have just dropped my thin Mint out my mouth when I read this story but it’s amazing!

I must say, this Girl Scout made me feel motivated. Ronnie Backenstoe joined the Girl Scouts when she was ten years old in New York and has been part of the organization since 1932. She started selling Girl Scout Cookies for only a mere 15 cents The Reading Eagle reported and is still selling them!

Ronnie’s adventures as a Girl Scout have taken her many different places including Jamaica and Switzerland! Now years later, Ronnie still is selling cookies alongside her fellow scouts but for $5-6 a box instead of fifteen cents. You can see more on this amazing dedicated Girl Scout by clicking here.

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