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If you’re fortunate to not have to work the day after Thanksgiving (or after any other night of heavy drinking), just lounge in bed or on the couch and sleep/rest it off.  The human body has the ability to heal itself when it’s at rest.  #Science

Sometimes when we go to sleep, our brains decide to make us the star of our own personal horror movie. If you’ve ever woken up from a particular crazy nightmare, you may have thought, why? But also, you may have wondered if anyone else has experienced something similar.

You’re in luck! A new study has collected people’s nightmares – which sounds like something an evil villain would do – and has figured out exactly what are the most common bad dreams we’re having. Here’s the top five:

  1. Visions of falling (64.7%)
  2. Being chased (63.3%)
  3. Dying (54.9%)
  4. Feeling lost (53.8%)
  5. Feeling trapped (52.4%)

Want to know what makes nightmares even scarier? Experts still aren’t exactly sure why we have them. For example, when it comes to falling nightmares, one theory thinks our muscles relaxing tricks our brains into we’re falling and another theory says it’s all because of ou our nervous systems shutting down.

But we haven’t let experts being unsure stop us from having our own theories. Whether it’s true or not, most people believe that nightmares are manifestations of their biggest fears and anxieties. Meanwhile, only 17% said they usually have nightmares related to their job or profession, and 12.5% said their nightmares are always centered around their families and close relationships. A little selfish right?

  • Usually, when we think of sex dreams, it’s in a positive light, but the survey says about two in five people say they’ve had a sexual nightmare. And when it comes to dreams about cheating, single men are twice as likely as to dream of an imaginary partner cheating on them. And sorry to all you engaged women about there because your dreams are about to take a turn. Half of the married women surveyed said they’ve had a nightmare about their husband cheating.

Source: Study Finds