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So I’ve been doing the whole Dave Ramsey debt free journey and through that process I’ve been sticking to tight budget. This year for Valentines Day I wanted to break the budget and go out for an expensive dinner. Steak, wine, the whole night yards. I unfortunately forgot to schedule a reservation so now I’m having to pull off a Valentines Day and I get to explain to my partner that we aren’t going out because I’m staying within budget. Its a win-win. He doesn’t know I forgot. He also thinks I’m being frugal.

For the dinner, It’s only going to cost us $10 for both of us. I’ll be cooking the following:

Chicken Cutlet: $1.50 each, x 2 = $3

French cut Green Beans = $3.40

Mashed Potatoes (Bob Evans pre-made, it’s amazing, seriously) = $3.27

Red wine gifted by a friend = $0

Total dinner cost: $9.67

Cost per person: $4.84 (rounded) 

Now this cost breakdown is assuming you have things like salt, pepper and oil in your pantry, which hopefully everyone does. I’ll be cooking this delicious dinner, while also looking super romantic with an apron on. I may even light a candle or two.