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Best Buddies North Carolina

When you were a kid, hanging out with your friends meant cartoons and playing outside? Now it’s all about expensive nights out and scheduling “experiences” together. Let’s be honest, now that you and your friends have started making money, things have gotten awkward.

If you’re the person in your friend group making the least amount of money, you know exactly what we’re talking about. It’s easy to start feeling left out when you can’t afford the activities your friends are involved in, and it’s even easier to start feeling jealous of how much better off they are compared to you. Slowly but surely, the almighty dollar creates an unspoken wedge in your relationship.

And the “unspoken” part is one of the biggest issues. Nobody likes to talk money but it could be what keeps your friendships going now. And Counselor Simone Bose says letting your guard down could actually make you closer. “Money is an emotional issue; you should be able to talk to friends about it and for them to hear you out. Taking that risk might actually strengthen the friendship.”

How to talk to friends about money. If you want to keep your friends, avoid making accusations. Skip saying things like “you always want to go to boujee places” and concentrate on your own feelings. Text them something like “I’m feeling anxious about money and can’t afford to go to that place at the moment” instead.

Source: Refinery29