This is the first of two “Dishin'” editions for you this week, both of them dealing with cocktails SURE to make your Valentine smile and ask for a second.

This first one is my husband’s go-to, we’ll call it “The Richmond Transfusion.”  A couple of years ago, we were visiting his cousin in Richmond, Virginia, and he introduced us to the key ingredient to this delicious drink.

Belle Isle is a premium moonshine distillery based there, and this particular blend is smooth, sweet, but with just a hint of a peppery bite at the end.  Not only did he fall in love with it, but ladies, I did too.  There’s only one problem, you cannot get it in North Carolina.

No problem, just make a run for the South Carolina border.  We’ve checked several places and if they don’t have it, they can get it for you.  This particular bottle came from Sauce Monkey Spirits in Ft. Mill.  Once we had our source, it was time to share this cocktail that all of our friends LOVE for us to make.


Belle Isle Honey Habenero Moonshine

Ginger Ale

Grape Juice