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A woman flying home to Los Angeles was flagged for a pat down when she went through security at Asheville Regional Airport last year. That’s when a female TSA agent sexually assaulted her.

According to the lawsuit,  when the woman went through a body scanner and was told she’d need to submit to a “groin search.”

Pat-downs by TSA can include “sensitive areas such as breasts, groin and the buttocks,” according to the Transportation Security Administration website. Agents are supposed to advise travelers on the procedure “to help you anticipate any actions before you feel them.”

The woman told the TSA agent that she does not consent to the groin search in which the agent said the search “would not require such touching.”

But according to the complaint, “TSA procedure for ‘groin searches’ as a result of body scanner anomalies does involve direct contact with the groin of travelers” — including “sliding” and “swiping.”

The TSA agent at Asheville Regional Airport deviated from that protocol in four different ways, the lawsuits states.

The agent then threatened to repeat the procedure when the woman flinched, saying, “If you resist, I will do this again.”

The TSA agent also used the front of her hands to conduct the “swiping” portion of the pat down.

Now I’ve been groined search many times. For some odd reason, it’s like the body scanner doesn’t know how to handle overweight people. I can follow every rule, and every single time the body scanner believes that I’m hiding something. Typically whenever I’m groined search they use the back of their hand to swipe over the top of my boxer briefs near my bits so I was surprised to hear they didn’t do that for her.

Source: Charlotte Observer