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The wonderful uses for  3D printing seem to be constantly changing the world as we know it, and for one lucky cat this technology has been a life saver.

After being found on the side of a Siberian road with extreme frostbite, this unfortunate cat named “Dymka,” had already lost her tail, ears and paws to the cold. She was rushed to the vet, where her caretaker collaborated with polytechnic experts to create prosthetic paws in order to save her. The paws were 3D printed and made from solid titanium.

The four year old cat is now equipped to live the rest of her life happily, and hopefully in the warmth of a loving home.

While I truly feel sorry for Dymka, I can’t help but think that this operation brings us that much closer to creating super-humans with reinforced skeletal structures resembling the X-Men. Maybe we don’t go this far, but maybe we can at least come up with a show named “X-Pets.” That definitely sounds like a Netflix original to me.

Click here to see pictures of Dymka! 


Intern Jack | The MRL Morning Show 

Source: Fox News