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The Francene Marie Show

Saturday 6:00am-7:00am

NCWorks growing businesses at no charge

NCWorks understands that every business has a goal to grow their company in some form or fashion. NCWorks finds the best talent in the Carolinas to offer you as you focus on other components to grow, stretch and thrive into your 2020 goals. NCWorks has 80+locations across the state of North Carolina to strengthen your present workforce.

Does your company need a steady stream of talent? NCWorks can feed a steady pipeline of strong and skilled candidates now and in the future towards your way; from attracting the best resumes to designing customized training programs. Why not sync up with a local leader in workforce development providing that steady stream of talent needed for you to stay on top and compete in a competitive market like Charlotte, North Carolina!

When was the last time your HR Department received qualified resumes? NCWorks also builds customized training programs, and it’s all free to local businesses in the area. Check out the best-kept secret; NCWorks helps companies in the Carolinas elevate their business’ future…today.