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When I met my wife I was 35.  She told me we needed to do a “clean sweep” of my apartment before she moved in. I had to ditch my hockey trophies, a bean bag, a bunch of movie posters and old dishes. Here’s a list of other no-no’s…

  • Cheap, wire clothes hangers – When you start buying quality clothing over fast fashion you’ll only wear once, you’ll want to invest in quality plastic, metal, or wooden hangers and ditch the thin wire ones.
  • A collection of shot glasses – You probably don’t need half a dozen shot glasses in your cabinet anymore, so keep a couple and let the rest go.
  • College textbooks – There’s nothing wrong with keeping a few books, especially if you’re working in the field you studied, but do you really think you’ll crack open your Biology book from freshman year?
  • Clothes that don’t fit – Go ahead and get rid of any clothes that have holes, stains, and so much wear and tear that you can’t wear them anymore while you’re at it.
  • Old, unused bedding – Still have those extra long twin sheets from your dorm room days? Time to donate them if they’re still in good shape.
  • Ratty, mismatched towels – You’re a grown up and you deserve a matching set of fluffy towels in your life.
  • A bunch of novelty mugs in the kitchen – Keep the ones you have for sentimental reasons, like a souvenir from a trip you took, but you can get rid of the large collection taking up valuable space in your cabinet.
  • Old, unused electronics – Think you’re really going to use that old Dell laptop you’re holding on to? Chances are you won’t, so let it go, along with other outdated technology and entertainment, including DVDs, CDs, old cell phones and printers that don’t work.
  • Cheap food containers – Get rid of all the mismatched, stained, and warped containers you have, as well as the ones that don’t have lids and treat yourself to a set of glass ones with locking lids. You deserve it.

Source: Apartment Therapy