Weekdays 12:00PM-3:00PM

Glasses of light and dark beer on a pub background.

The first year of the Untappd Beer Festival in Charlotte was a complete disaster. There were long lines, not enough cups, and then a massive thunderstorm rolled through which forced thousands of people to be stuck inside the stadium. Lost of people compared the experience to the highly criticized FYRE Festival.



It really is a shame that the event wasn’t super successful last year because the concept is awesome; getting to hang on the field at Bank of America stadium, and try hundreds of craft beers.

Well this year, they’re trying again!

The group has already come up with some easy ways to improve the event from last year:

  • A durable turf cover on the field to allow crews to move beer and equipment more easily.
  • The turf cover will allow for food trucks on the field this year.
  • On-field entertainment will include music and yard games such as cornhole.
  • A weather contingency plan will send everybody to the concourse, including the brewery tents, to keep the festival going.
  • Moving the event into two parts, a morning, and evening session.

Lots of Charlotte breweries are already on board with the idea. The festival is scheduled for April 4th.