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This morning we talked about how movies and real life are so different. In an effort to remind everyone of that fact, Reddit user PuzzledByNature asked other users: “What movie things are generally accepted as normal, but are totally unrealistic in real life?” Here’s what they said:

“When someone cuts the palm of their hand because blood is needed for some sort of ritual. However, that’s a terrible place to make a wound because you pretty much lose the use of that hand and it can take a while to heal.”

“When people find a parking spot right in front of the building they’re going into.”

“Showing up for a meeting over dinner or drinks, having said meeting in 1-2 minutes, and just leaving.”

“When people finish having sex without even a hint of a clean-up job.”

You can see the complete list of unrealistic movie tropes HERE and completely your next trip to the theater.

Source: BuzzFeed