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A bride-to-be got tired of waiting for the big day after being engaged for six years, so she surprised her fiancé with a pop-up wedding. Nicole Arnett, says she and her partner, Daniel, wanted to be married, but when it came to planning the nuptials, it “never felt quite right.” She says they put it off because they “didn’t actually want a wedding,” they just wanted to be married to each other.

So she came up with the plan to surprise her groom with a wedding on January 1st and to incorporate it into the couple’s annual New Year’s Day party, where they do a “polar bear swim” in the ocean. With help from friends and family, she was able to coordinate the entire ceremony without her husband-to-be finding out. On New Year’s Day, she revealed to Daniel that it was their wedding day right before they ended up tying the knot.

He wasn’t expecting it, but he was thrilled with the surprise ceremony and says he “couldn’t have ever planned a better event or dreamt of anything more fun.” Now the newlyweds are focusing on the honeymoon, which she says will be a collaborative planning effort.

Well, I guess you could say this was a match made in heaven because I’m not sure I would have waited around through 6 years of engagement… but hey, it worked for them!