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I was at a happy hour over the weekend and there was a “friend” that just spreads too much gossip for me to be around. So I did everything possible to avoid them. How did I accomplish this? The wonderful show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

On this HBO episode, Larry David decides to avoid “Everybody Loves Raymond” executive producer Phil Rosenthal all night and opt to go with an over-the-top goodbye on the way out the door. In theory, it’s supposed to make up for not speaking with them during the whole party.

If you’re thinking of giving it a try on your frenemy, it’s pretty straight forward. Ghost them all night by speaking with other people, or leaving the room they’re in, and then on your way out, hit them with a quick hug or handshake, maybe a “we’ll catch up next time” and get the hell out of there before they start going on and on about the thing that made you despise them in the first place.

Sure, you could just come out and say you’re not into talking with them or just avoid them completely, but chances are your conscience will get the best of you, and you will try to be cordial. The Big Goodbye lets you save face, and get out clean.