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MATSUDO, JAPAN: Leaf vegitables are planted at a plant factory laboratory at Chiba University Matsudo Campus on June 2, 2009 in Matsudo, Chiba, Japan. Vegetables produced in the plant factories have completely controlled lighting, temperature, humidity and water, that enables the growth of safe foods and guarantees stable production throughout the year with stable quality. It uses no agricultural chemicals as there are no insects inside the factories therefor the food is safe and clean without washing and gives less waste. The plant factories are expected to solve some of the issues which Japanese agriculture is facing, the average age of agricultural worker in Japan is 65 and only 5% are under 40 years old. (Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

How are your leaf-babies doing? According to new research, seven in 10 millennials consider themselves “plant parents” and honestly, it’s stressful AF.

Sure, our green-kids may never grow up to say “I love you,” but according to the study, we’re freaking out about them like they’re real kids. But it’s a good thing they aren’t…because the study also showed the average plant parent has killed seven plants they’ve brought into their home.

My partner Sterling is really into plants right now. He refuses to allow fake plants in our house. His office has two major racks filled with plants, grow lights, and humidifiers! I don’t know for certain, but I do feel like he names them. They are literally our children.

I am in awe of his abilities, but I’ve noticed it can sometime stress him. Knowing how much sunlight the plants need is the biggest stressor, followed by water needs, then pruning, and soil, the list goes on and on. All in all, I believe we have only killed two plants. Which is pretty good considering the statistics of how many plants we own. Plus plants bring way more value to your every day life which is why you should put effort into trying to learn all things plants!

I also secretly believe Sterling is addicted to his plant hobby. He knows when new plants are coming into a season and adding more lines for him to purchase.

Do you have a plant addiction? Let me know!

Source: NY Post