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A moment of self reflection. I’m never useful. I’m sure if My father knew he would be so disappointed. He was always one of those “change your own oil, fix your own house” type of dads. He also is the reason why I feel this weird need to constantly check the oil level in my car. I’m so bad at handy things, I even use command velcro sticky strips to hang my photos. Using a nail and a hammer would never turn out well for me.

Just recently I purchased a whiteboard for my office. When the amazon package arrived, it had these bolt looking things that I’ve never seen before. So I looked over the installation instructions and it told me to use a spirit level to find the correct location to anchor the board to the wall. Spirit levels!? What’s that? Why does Jesus need to level my whiteboard? And how!?

So I, of course, immediately gave up and started calling people who have more skill. While I was waiting for someone to come and help me hang the whiteboard I looked up at one of the photos I hanged and got a crazy idea. If the Command strips can hang photos, why can’t it hang a 14 pound whiteboard?

I went to Home Depot and bought a crap ton of little stickies. According to the package, one sticker can hold up to 4 pounds. So I taped 8 of them all over this white board and stuck up to the wall. Surprisingly, it held! I was so proud of myself I cracked open a beer as if I did the most manliest thing possible.

I can still conclude I have no home maintenance or handyman skill, but dangit I’ll fake it until I make it.