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It’s a Monday and even though LauRen has ‘pregnancy brain’ she still got all five questions correct giving her her 46th win!


  1. The world is heartbroken after losing Kobe Bryant & his 13-year-old daughter yesterday. What sport did Kobe play for 20 years in LA? Basketball


  1. This trio brother band with ties in Belmont announced a Las Vegas residency. What boy band are we talking about? Jonas Brothers


  1. Channing Tatum confirmed that he is back with Jessie J & even defended her when an Instagram troll said he looked better with his ex-wife. Who is Channing’s ex-wife? Jenna Dewan


  1. Demi Lovato performed her new song last night on the Grammys. True or false: She will be singing the National Anthem for the Super Bowl? True


  1. Sorry guys, despite all the jokes…this male actor who has married stars like Jennifer Anniston & Angelina Jolie may be single but NOT on Tinder. What actor are we talking about? Brad Pitt