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Are you going to Keto or Paleo in 2020?  In one corner we have the lightweight champ “Keto Diet” and on the other side, we have another lightweight champ “Paleo”. Who’s going to win and what’s the difference?

The differences between are as follows: The ketogenic diet, AKA keto diet is designed to focus on manipulating the three macronutrients, which happen to be fat, carbs, and protein. The Paleo diet is more about food choices, which means Paleo eliminates dairy, grains and processed foods, but balance the macronutrients any way you might desire.

I might do better on the Keto diet because it’s higher in fat than Paleo. Paleo is usually higher in carbs than Keto, which might work out in my favor.  While the Paleo diet incorporates fruit and starchy vegetables, the Keto diet won’t because they’re too high in carbs, but people claim the Paleo diet is a more sustainable diet plan than Keto. The next time I write about my diet choices I’ll number them so you can keep up with the series.

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