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The last couple of weeks Australia has been having a hard time dealing with the wildfires that has been causing  serious damage. Fire fighters in Australian have been working very hard trying to put out these fires and for their hard work an Italian restaurant in Australia cooked up something big for those fire fighters. A 338 foot long pizza was made using 3-foot-long pieces of dough pieced together along with some mozzarella cheese and some tomato sauce like a pizza usually has except much much bigger and took four hours to make.

The huge pizza also helped raise money as well as went viral on social media getting all sorts of attention which helped the money raising process and the money went to the fire fighters that have worked very hard to put out those wildfires.  It’s always good to see people help others especially those who go out and risk their lives everyday rather its raising money or going out of their way to give a helping hand.

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Intern Nick | The MRL Morning Show