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Wouldn’t it be cool to have a millionaire mentor? Like your own personal Shark Tank to call up for advice?

While we can’t hook you up with one, we can do the next best thing. Here’s some advice legit self-made millionaires say they’ve received that led to their success.

  • “You’ll never succeed without me.” Before Barbara Corcoran founded The Corcoran Group, was making a killing as a shark on “Shark Tank,” she dated and went into a business with a guy who ended up dumping her for his secretary. After telling her she’d be nothing without him, Corcoran says became “more determined to become a big success” and worked harder than ever to prove him wrong.
  • “Become an expert at something.” Marla Beck, co-founder and CEO of Bluemercury, says this is some advice she applies all over her life. She focused on becoming an expert at “leadership, entrepreneurship, product innovation, and parenting.” And since her company was acquired by Macy’s for $210 million, it’s safe to say she’s absolutely and expert.
  • “All events in your life are neutral until you label them.” Executive business coach Michael O’Brien recalls getting this advice after a near-death cycling accident. He was worried that the recovery would change him, but after a mentor told him “nothing has meaning until you give it meaning” he was able to shift his perspective. “I could be a victim or use the opportunity to create a better version of myself and inspire others.” He credits that lesson for landing him a seat in the executive suite.
  • “The best products and businesses exist to reduce friction.” Luke Freiler, CEO and co-founder of Centercode, says this little nugget completely changed the way he looked at business and technology. He now “deliberately seek(s) out what’s causing friction for (his) customers and improve(s) it.” And what’s great about this view is that your solution “doesn’t have to be revolutionary.” You’ve seen infomercials, need we say more?


Source: USA Today